chlorine tablets

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    CYA Free Chlorine Tabs Exist!

    1 Stop Pool Store in Plano, TX is selling Stabilizer free chlorine pucks. I assume that means no CYA. I searched TFP and found no mention of such a product, only whoever invented it would get rich. This seems like a no-brainer product for those of us who have the chlorine dosing device. Simply...
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    Chlorinating and filtering above ground pool

    So our pool is about 9,000 gallons and our filter pump is 2500 gph. How long should we let out filter run and when is the best time? Also should I put the chlorine tablets in the skimmer or floater? And if I use the floater do I take it out of the pool when the filter is off? Sorry for all the...
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    Just got a small pool for kids - need help

    Hi. Brand new to this site and forum. Also new to owning a pool. Just bought a 10ft round pool for my kids - stands 2.5 ft tall. Based on my calculations (using the formula Pi x Radius squared x depth of pool x 7.5) 3.14 x (5x5) x 2.5 x 7.5= 1472 I’m estimating the pool to be under 1500...