Just got a small pool for kids - need help


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Jun 18, 2019
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Hi. Brand new to this site and forum. Also new to owning a pool. Just bought a 10ft round pool for my kids - stands 2.5 ft tall.
Based on my calculations (using the formula Pi x Radius squared x depth of pool x 7.5) 3.14 x (5x5) x 2.5 x 7.5= 1472

I’m estimating the pool to be under 1500 gallons.

I’m looking for best practices in keeping it clean using either regular bleach or chlorine tablets. I read online that 9.6 oz of bleach would be appropriate for our size pool but I’m unsure how often to add. My husband purchased the 3 in chlorine tablets and I think we should exchange for the 1 inch.

We have a pool cover, kids are using the pool daily. It has a pump we keep on 12-14hrs a day. No skimmer.

Any help would be appreciated. I’ve been looking stuff up for over and hour.



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Welcome! :wave:

One pound of trichlor -- two 3"pucks -- will put your CYA level close to 40. After that you probably want to switch to bleach. Safest bet is the 10% pool essentials at Walmart. You'll want to test (Please don't buy strips) to check it but expect to need about ¾ to 1 cup of the 10% bleach every day.

And when it gets too yucky, empty it out and start again. Check out that link to temporary pools Justin posted.
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Hello and Welcome to TFP!

Using tabs in a floater would work. Back when I had a pool like that, I put some 1" tabs right in the filter itself. Not the best idea long term since CYA is a acidic, but it would work until the CYA got up where you wanted it. I ran it that way for one season and all was well. When CYA gets too high, you could easily exchange the water or switch to bleach.
HTH makes a decent HTH 6-way test kit that is fairly inexpensive.

Use the FC/CYA Chart to give you an ides of the chlorine levels required.
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