Chlorinating and filtering above ground pool


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Jun 17, 2019
So our pool is about 9,000 gallons and our filter pump is 2500 gph. How long should we let out filter run and when is the best time? Also should I put the chlorine tablets in the skimmer or floater? And if I use the floater do I take it out of the pool when the filter is off? Sorry for all the questions at once.


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Jan 6, 2010
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How long to run the pump is here: Determine Pump Run Time - Trouble Free Pool Start with six hours and work up or down from that. I get by with about two hours a day. I don't get a lot of blown in debris and no kids, though.

When is up to you. If you're on tiered rates, off-peak is the time to run it. But you want the pump to have been running at least half an hour before you test and half an hour after you add chemicals, so you have to consider that. And if the pump is right next to the bedroom wall, all night long isn't great either.

Chlorine tablets are a whole 'nother subject. A big one. To spare myself a lot of typing, I;ll just point you at How to Chlorinate Your Pool - Trouble Free Pool and ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

If you do choose to use tablets, a floater is the way to do it. It can stay in the pool. That's what I use on vacations.