1. W

    How to get rid of super-fine silt

    Hi! This is my first season with a pool, although I've kept a hot tub for 20 years. I have an in-ground 20x40 pool, vinyl liner, glass media filter, but I mostly use a manual PoolBlaster Max Li for vacuuming. I have both the regular bag (I think they call it a "fine filtration bag") and a...
  2. B

    Pool got out of control!

    We neglected our pool for a few weeks (life got in the way) - and it is dark green, smells bad, and has fuffy stuff on the benches and floating on top. I scared to run the pump or our aqua-bot because I think they are going to get contaminated. We usually use the chlorine generator and add...
  3. K

    Iron AND algae in pool!

    Hello! New pool owner here, Intex 18x48 with a sand filter to be exact. After spending weeks of the dreaded leveling and setting it up we were SO excited to finally get our pool up and running and thought it would be easy sailing going forward. Little did we know, that wouldn’t be the hardest...
  4. P

    Mustard Algae or silt?

    I am needing help. I bought my house in December and in may when i opened my pool there was a whitish brown stuff on the bottom. it appeared to be sand and i believe it was. The stairs were held down with a bag of sand that was leaking sand and plastic. I replaced that. it still seemed to be...
  5. N

    10' Intex pool with algae

    Hello! I have a 10' Easy Set Intex pool that I'm battling algae with. I've tried shocking it with vinyl pool shock, replacing the filter cartridge, using a pool brush to sweep it toward the filter intake...nothing has worked. The worst part: I haven't even had a chance to use it yet since I'm...
  6. D

    Green pool. HELP!!!

    Hello, new to this and I need help! Put 3 gallons of bleach yesterday morning and 4 gallons last night. Vacuumed this morning but it’s still green. Post below are pics of this mornings readings. Help please and TIA.
  7. Nate4429

    Might need to SLAM???

    Ok so still in my first summer as a pool owner and all was great until a couple weeks ago we had a week of rain and I noticed my chlorine levels dropping. I’ve got them back up but then back off to normalize my chlorine input and down goes FC. ? Here are my current numbers as of 5 min ago. I...
  8. N

    Help! Greenest pool in the world!

    To preface my post, my pool wasn't covered over the winter and there are a ton of leaves in the bottom (or at least I think there are, I can't see it). I know, poor maintenance on my part but life happened and it is what it is. We have a 24' round pool about 4' deep throughout with a sand...
  9. J

    Hayward DE Perflex Tube Filter, can I upgrade to different filter?

    So I bought a house with this pool in December and I have been maintaining it ok I think. I have had a couple algae blooms pop up on me if I got busy and forgot to check the pool for a couple days. The filter I have is a Hayward perflex with like 80 individual tubes with filters over each tube...
  10. B

    Black Algae?

    I seem to have black/brown patches on the side walls. The water itself is crystal clear. I see these patches for some time now and slamming doesn't seem to help. I'm not sure if its black algae or the surface itself is damaged. Attached some pics here of the walls. Any thoughts on how...
  11. S

    SLAMming a green swamp, but with complications

    I've SLAMMED my own pool in years past and this week I'm trying to help some friends with their pool, since I've had some experience and also I've got a little free time. Please see attached photos. I've read this Turning Your Green Swamp Back into a Sparkling Oasis and I know what I have to do...
  12. C

    Algae won’t go away!

    Opened the pool to find an extreme case of algae build up. Got the water tested and results recommended adding15 oz. of Soda Ash, wait 24 hrs. then add 4 lbs of Hardness Plus every 4 hours for a total of 28 lbs. After 24 hours from final Hardness Plus application measured the water again. Ph...
  13. B

    White sediment cloud when brushing??

    Hi all - New on the forum and need some help diagnosing a weird white cloud that is getting kicked up when I brush my pool. Here's the story. I've been using chlorine bleach for the last few years to maintain FC, as opposed to tablets of any sort. In the last month I discovered the...
  14. A

    Green Pool

    I have been trying to clear up my 18K gallon above ground vinyl pool since the end of March and I am having no luck at all. We have been getting a lot rain which probably isn’t helping, but I’ve tried “slamming” the pool, try my best to brush, scoop out debris, draining some water and...
  15. thephatp

    Preparing to SLAM

    Moved from here. I'd like to piggyback here, as I'm about to start a SLAM myself. I'm trying to get rid of 2 tiny spots of black algae (both less than dime size), one small spot of green algae (less than a quarter), and the remnants of mustard algae (this was kind of bad, and I shocked it...
  16. M


    I’m a fairly new pool owner.. bought this house with a pool about 2 years ago and have had nothing but problems with keeping it up. I even had to drain it completely last year and refill. I think one of the main problems is just age.. the house is about 20 years old and I’m thinking the pool...
  17. T

    The undead Algae

    Hi, I am new to the thread and still reading a few things. I have been a pool owner for 7 years and I am at my wits end with this pool. This algae won't die and the running joke is that it is the undead Algae. I have been told this is algae - it is spotty and seems to be in the crevasses of...
  18. J

    Skimmer switched drain holes

    Hi TFP members, I’ve had this pool for 5 years now, it is much older than that, but every year seems there seems to be a new challenge to get the water clear. I switched 2yrs ago to liquid chlorine that I add daily with a couple of chlorinated pucks thrown in to keep the cya up. Last year was...
  19. S

    Mystery stains on liner

    Hi all, I'm stumped on this one. So this little patch of yellow/brown stain appeared towards the end of last season. Can't brush it off, looks like a stain but thought it might be organic so I SLAMmed. I worked hard to keep FC greater than 30 ppm for a few weeks but the stain remained, and it...
  20. J

    Don’t Judge! Tons of algae

    FC 0 pH 8 CYA <30 TA 80 Mucho algae (floating & at the bottom)- doing mustard shock levels after initial SLAM just to be sure! Just used my test kit for the 1st time. I’ve read & made notes on Pool School articles, but want to make sure I’ve got my order correct before dumping chemicals: 1.)...
  21. J

    Post Floc, Still Cloudy-HELP!

    Hello guys. First post here. This is the second summer that I have had my pool. This summer has been a night mare trying to get the chemicals right. We’ve only swimmed in in once and I’ve had it opened for about 6 weeks. The chlorine will not keep. It hasnt gotten above 1 ppm if that. Most of...
  22. B

    Calcium Spots or Black Alage

    I have been dealing with these hard white/grayish spots on the bottom and walls of my concrete pool. I am in the middle of a SLAM/MUSTARD algae shock as we speak. The reason for this is that I did also have some issues with algae. I recently connected new Intellichlor salt water system and...
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  25. K

    Pressure Rising very fast

    My 72 year old (female) Friend had an algae problem caused by a broken pump motor and a lot of leaves. I replaced to broken motor, cleaned to DE Filter, got as many of the leaves out as possible without being able to see the bottom of the pool. I Shocked the pool and ran the pump until my...