1. C

    First real test results + first signs of green algae - advice appreciated!

    First, thank you so much in advance to anyone who is able to offer advice. We became new pool owners last summer, and an algae issue completely got away from us. We followed advice from the pool store and spent 6 weeks trying to fix it before closing it for the winter and never really enjoying...
  2. stretchphoto

    Algae in That Little Window on the Filter

    Hey, folks. Hope everyone is well. Pool is doing awesome here in central Illinois. Can’t thank you enough for liberating me from the tyranny of the pool-industrial complex. Question: The little glass window on the pool filter is filled with green stuff… algae, I imagine. I don’t...
  3. J

    5 days of slamming and pool still cloudy/turquoise

    So at about my breaking point with this pool so I decided to post for some help from the experts. Pool was closed by local pool store and for the first time - when I opened this year it was the greenest I've ever seen. (1st photo) I'm wondering what caused this in the first place as I had...
  4. A

    Algea will not scrub off walls of pool. Help!

    Can anyone help me identify what type of algea this is? We just opened the salt water pool and this algea is everywhere. The water is clear by now but these stains will not scrub off the walls. The pool is older and has a slightly rough Gunite finish. We have balance and shocked and added algea...
  5. N

    Clearing Algae Progression

    Stay true to the Slam Process, it works. One thing I will say though, make sure your equipment is working effectively. For the last 2 seasons I had my pool chemistry on point but the pool didn’t look like I wanted it too. I finally cut the piping this year to open up the sand filter and there...
  6. S

    Just opened up my pool

    Hi there, A pool company just opened up my pool, so I have pictures of what the water looks like along with the readings: FC: 1.5 CC: 0.5 PH: Unable to determine (more info below; see pic of attempted PH measurement) TA: 50 CH: 200 (using 25mL sample) --- 250 (using 10mL sample) CYA: 0 (I...
  7. P

    Algae, pollen, or something else?

    Hello i recently opened my pool and had a bunch of junk in it from winter and waterr was really cloudy . Within a few days i had the water sparkling and everything was looking good. That until i noticed that some junk that looks like brownish dirt kept accuumulating on parts of the pool floor...
  8. H

    What is this and what do I do?!

    Hello! I am finally hopping on TFP because of all the issues that began last year and continued into this season. Sorry for the extremely long post. Here is the problem that I CANNOT seem to fix no matter what I do. Last year mid summer, the pool got a little hazy and had a green tint. I...
  9. Z

    Loop Loc Covers & Pool Opening Question ?

    Hi Everyone - I have some questions about pool opening and pool covers. I have an old loop-loc cover that probably is in need of replacement. Each spring, I spend about a week sanitizing the water in my 43k gallon pool. When I remove the cover, the water is black – it’s disgusting. It entails a...
  10. Salbailey

    Metals in our water?!

    Hi! We just did the "paper towel in the skimmer basket" trick and within a half hour, it was brown! We fought with a green pool all last summer (first season with any problems of our 5 years with this pool!) and the pool store said it was algae so we shocked and shocked and shocked and finally...
  11. R

    Algae help!

    Hi everyone and thanks in advance for any help… so I am a new fiberglass pool (21k gal) owner and although I’ve had the pool for a little under a year, construction is lingering on it on and now we’re getting ready to complete everything. We’re just north of Atlanta so you know what the weather...
  12. D

    Please help…fine, gray substance impossible to clear

    Hi, I have this exact problem that is described below in an old/inactive thread in this forum. I have spent thousand of dollars on chemicals of all kinds and vacuums ( thrown out my back). It is not just in the shade and always comes back in the same places. I cannot vacuum (tried manual vac...
  13. swmasson

    Algae spots on wall

    Hi everyone, I have multiple green algae spots around the pool walls that I can’t seem to get rid off, I put some muratic acid in yesterday and then shocked the pool 4hrs later… Some has gone but these remaining spots won’t budge! Any help appreciated! Thanks Steve
  14. rbwamsley

    Is this algae?

    I posted another thread a week or so back stating that I was going to SLAM pool due to algae (See thread here). After much discussion and an OCLT which produced a result of 0.5ppm it was decided a SLAM might not be needed. On to this week... I see what I think is algae appearing, yesterday...
  15. rbwamsley

    Preparing for my first SLAM

    Hi All, I'm preparing to do my first SLAM starting Thursday night. I'm keeping my water balanced as best as I can until then. I'm waiting until then so I can give it the attention that is needed. Also, it is supposed to rain today and tomorrow, so I'm hoping that will drop my CYA to an...
  16. Westonator

    SWG Broken - Just installed a new one today and I'm not sure if i should add salt.

    Hi there! Been reading all of the forums and went through "pool school" twice, but I'm at a little bit of a loss on what to do. ~15,000 Gal. Saltwater Pool Measurements: FW:1.2 Total Chlorine: .22 pH: 7.8 TA: 96 CH: 167 CYA: 5 Phosphates: 495 Salt: 1263 Water Temp: 62F Any thoughts on what...
  17. Lisamorris17

    Fine dust and pool shock

    Hi all , I’ve had a 14” above ground bestway pool for just under a year - and I left it to stew over winter (here in cyprus we have a 3 month winter and then it’s back to warmer temperatures) due to the pool cover being shocking and keep blowing off. When I started cleaning it was a green algae...
  18. R

    algae in salt pools

    Is it true that the use of a chlorine salt generator eliminates the appearance of algae in the pool (I read it here: Why is My Pool Green? | Discount Salt Pool Blog Or is it just a marketing ploy?
  19. S

    Mild algae & cloudy

    Hi guys I have noticed slight algae growth in my pool and cloudy water. Can you help me out a little. I bought a test kit from clear choice labs ... Australia here are my results. Only 2nd time using test kit so highlight issues you may have with results please. Cya. 45 FC. 6 Cc. 1.5 Ph. 7.8...
  20. A

    Closing pool and getting new liner in spring

    Hi everyone! I am pretty new here so learning lots. My pool has been difficult this year. I’m either battling a leaky liner, cloudiness or algae. I’ve been in a SLAM for well over a week. The green is gone but like every other time, it stays cloudy. I’d like to close it up but they say must be...
  21. J

    Pool turned Frog pond

    Over last winter my salt water pool was apparently infiltrated with frogs. I removed over 20 by hand so I can’t imagine the amount of tadpoles spawned in there. Unfortunately this resulted in not being able to use the pool all season because we could never get it clear from what appears to be...
  22. C

    Cleaning cover before closing

    When I opened my pool at the beginning of the season, I had an algae problem which might have been mustard algae? I wasn't sure and just treated it that way with directions from this site. The water cleared up and the pool has been running clear all summer (Thanks TFP!). Now that I'm getting...
  23. T

    Desperate Algae Defeat

    First year pool owner. I’ve been following the pool stores directions on how to care for my pool. The pool store is also the same company that put the pool in for full disclosure. My pool is now completely green. They keep selling me I’ll decide to pour into it and telling me to turn my...
  24. S

    Algae prevention

    So, back in July I went through a algae problem which I was able to successfully overcome through SLAM. However, since then, I feel like it comes back so easily even though I have been making sure to keep the chlorine over the recommended levels for my CYA and I feel like I am constantly running...
  25. L

    CYA at 76 should I lower before Slamming.

    So I'm treating a neglected pool... my neglected pool... alkalinity is ... 0 PH is about 6.5 hardness is 33 free chlorine at 0.4 total chlorine at about 3.5 CYA at 76 (although before finding this website i added more chlorine stabilizer, so its safe to say its a bit higher now maybe 80+) I...
  26. K

    Constant Algae Problems Despite High Chlorine Levels

    We are new pool owners of a 6,000 gallon above ground pool and we have been plagued by algae problems since the beginning. We have already drained the pool twice because it seems to be the only way to rid ourselves of the algae. We are running the sand filter (1,500 gallon/hr) Sand Filter Pump)...
  27. D

    Help with SLAM - water clarity after algae

    First time pool owner. I forgot to add chlorine to pool going away for a long weekend, and came back to a green pool. That Tuesday I followed the advice on the taylor kit booklet table in the back and added 4 gallons of chlorine to add 30 ppm. Killed the algae overnight since the pool was blue...
  28. DuchessJen

    Pool clear. 0.0-0.2 combined chlorine. Green hose.

    Hi! During a multi-day rainstorm, I couldn't keep the chlorine within range. So, we ended up with outflow hoses that are now yellow-green on the inside. My consistent, non-stormy pool maintenance keeps my combined clorine tests at 0.0-0.2, my free chlorine within range for my CYA, and slamming...
  29. J

    I'm Sorry - But Another Algae Situation

    Hiya - I'm new here. I have read many posts and responses about algae. I'm not seeing anything that is what I experienced, so I thank you in advance for your patience and help with another algae question. First - yes, I know I need a test kit, and I do not have one yet. So... while I wait...
  30. T

    Pool Maintainer

    Long time pool owner trying to fight an algae problem