1. thephatp

    Preparing to SLAM

    Moved from here. I'd like to piggyback here, as I'm about to start a SLAM myself. I'm trying to get rid of 2 tiny spots of black algae (both less than dime size), one small spot of green algae (less than a quarter), and the remnants of mustard algae (this was kind of bad, and I shocked it...
  2. M


    I’m a fairly new pool owner.. bought this house with a pool about 2 years ago and have had nothing but problems with keeping it up. I even had to drain it completely last year and refill. I think one of the main problems is just age.. the house is about 20 years old and I’m thinking the pool...
  3. T

    The undead Algae

    Hi, I am new to the thread and still reading a few things. I have been a pool owner for 7 years and I am at my wits end with this pool. This algae won't die and the running joke is that it is the undead Algae. I have been told this is algae - it is spotty and seems to be in the crevasses of...
  4. J

    Skimmer switched drain holes

    Hi TFP members, I’ve had this pool for 5 years now, it is much older than that, but every year seems there seems to be a new challenge to get the water clear. I switched 2yrs ago to liquid chlorine that I add daily with a couple of chlorinated pucks thrown in to keep the cya up. Last year was...
  5. S

    Mystery stains on liner

    Hi all, I'm stumped on this one. So this little patch of yellow/brown stain appeared towards the end of last season. Can't brush it off, looks like a stain but thought it might be organic so I SLAMmed. I worked hard to keep FC greater than 30 ppm for a few weeks but the stain remained, and it...
  6. J

    Don’t Judge! Tons of algae

    FC 0 pH 8 CYA <30 TA 80 Mucho algae (floating & at the bottom)- doing mustard shock levels after initial SLAM just to be sure! Just used my test kit for the 1st time. I’ve read & made notes on Pool School articles, but want to make sure I’ve got my order correct before dumping chemicals: 1.)...
  7. J

    Post Floc, Still Cloudy-HELP!

    Hello guys. First post here. This is the second summer that I have had my pool. This summer has been a night mare trying to get the chemicals right. We’ve only swimmed in in once and I’ve had it opened for about 6 weeks. The chlorine will not keep. It hasnt gotten above 1 ppm if that. Most of...
  8. B

    Calcium Spots or Black Alage

    I have been dealing with these hard white/grayish spots on the bottom and walls of my concrete pool. I am in the middle of a SLAM/MUSTARD algae shock as we speak. The reason for this is that I did also have some issues with algae. I recently connected new Intellichlor salt water system and...
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  11. K

    Pressure Rising very fast

    My 72 year old (female) Friend had an algae problem caused by a broken pump motor and a lot of leaves. I replaced to broken motor, cleaned to DE Filter, got as many of the leaves out as possible without being able to see the bottom of the pool. I Shocked the pool and ran the pump until my...