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    2hp hayward pump/filter Best timer?

    According to this Hayward table, a 30 Amp switch is required for 115V service to accommodate the STARTING amp draw for the motor. The Running Load will be less than this.
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    Newbie, looking for saltwater capable above ground pool

    I may be mistaken but my understanding is most of the pools are manufactured by 3-4 companies with finish/marketing and "name" being the difference between "Joes Pools" and "Family Pools". There may be actual differences in the design but they are made by the same manufacturer and should carry...
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    New Pool with fresh water fill

    I am guessing pool store testing and number... if so; we highly recommend the TF100 kit or the Taylor 2006 I can tell you using the voice of experience that the $100 you spend on this test kit will save you at least 5 trips at $100, $1,000? at the pool store, since you will be shopping at...
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    To ‘DRAIN’ or ‘NOT’ to drain?

    If your water is cheap and clean; dump the water out, scrub and rinse the pool, and re-fill.. Its likely cheaper/faster than the chlorine required to get all the junk out.
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    Cloudy pool problems

    How much can be calculated by using the PoolMath above I know for my pool a jug of 10% bleach gives me an FC increase of 10 FC, or 13 oz for 1FC The PoolMath makes the adjustment for your pool and the type of bleach you're using. I know I buy whatever is cheapest or easiest depending on...
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    Cloudy pool problems

    Keep working the plan, sand filters can be low. If the FC is resolved with no loss overnight, only the filter that will remove the junk. How clean is the filter media? Sand doesn't "wear out" but if its too clean, it's slower to filter.
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    Trying to get the CYA under control.

    I don't have the same style DE filter (mine has tubes, not grids) but I have NEVER backwashed my system... I don't even have a backwash option without re-piping. As it's easy for me to open the filter head without loosing water or media, I just pop it open and look inside. When I see it...
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    24' Round Pool to be installed 7/26 - Need Help!!!

    As suggested, low speed may provide enough flow. Another option is to run on high when you need to run the SWG and use low any other time. As to the PoolSkim, it does require some fiddling to get it setup as the fittings are metric. The adapters were included for a standard install. I have...
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    2hp hayward pump/filter Best timer?

    How many amps does the motor draw? The Woods description I found says this and I am guessing the motor may draw more than the allowed 15A. Woods 50015 Outdoor 7-Day Heavy Duty Digital Outlet Timer Controls pool pumps, outdoor landscape, security and holiday lighting, and other heavy-duty...
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    24' Round Pool to be installed 7/26 - Need Help!!!

    Based on my 10 years of a 21 Round I have stuck with the flex hoses. I have two flex hoses, one from the skimmer to pump inlet and another from the filter exit to the pools return fitting. I have no valves and don't really miss them. When its time to separate the filter from the the pool, I add...
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    New pool owner - can't get crystal clear water!

    Unfortunately, the $100 kit is the price of admission but you will no longer need to spend $900 on the wrong answer. In addition to your test kit... you will need a manual vacuum head, an extending pole (for the vacuum head), vacuum hose and chlorine/bleach. If the pool is green, you can add...
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    Adding Bleach to a Liner Pool - What is the safest Method - is my suggestion good?

    Yes, if you drop granules into the pool, it can damage the liner. If the damage is above the water line, that was not likely caused by the standard pool chemicals (IMHO). It was the sun or other other chemical or physical damage. If the pool were left unattended for season/winter, it could have...
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    Help Paul install his new liner

    I would take off the old patch, clean the whole area, prime, paint and then add the patch over the fresh paint. I would also be sure to place a couple layers of duct or PVC tape over the patch to ensure the raw edge ove the patch doesn't wear thru the liner. If you are going to have the water...