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    TFP has spoiled my family

    Is that what we're calling it now? I posted about seeing an indoor pool at my hotel in Boise, where you could barely see bottom.
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    Mapperton Live - English Manor - Pool Related

    Hilarious couple (He's English, she's American) exploring the Manor and Estate he has taken over from his parents. He is "minor" nobility, the Son of the Earl of Sandwich. They definitely need some help from TFP! Cleaning the Pool - It was built in the 18th Century (1700's) A year later...
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    What does your pool paradise look like?

    How much does it cost to run the heat pump? How warm do you keep the water?
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    Is pool depth of 7 feet safe?

    Your pool is essentially my pool. The shallow end is 3.5 feet and it gradually drops to 4.5 feet, over about 20 feet. Then it drops from 4.5 feet to 8 feet over about 10-11 feet. So my Shallow area is about 15 wide and 20 feet long or about 1/2 of my pool.
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    Is pool depth of 7 feet safe?

    (In the attached article, it has numerical pool types. Is there a link to decode the pool types?) Edit: OK, I see that the dimensional list is what designates the pool type and then the max height of the pool stationary diving platform is define later for that. My pool meets the definition of...
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    Constant battle - is this mustard algae?

    Mustard algae is a light yellow/brown and is a thin layer spreading in the shadow areas of the pool. I fought it for years, not understanding the FC/CYA relationship.
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    Contractor accused of taking more than $1M from families, leaving projects unfinished

    This is just reported on the news today in the Houston area. Very sad for all of those people.
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Water was 81F at the end of the day yesterday and 80F this morning. It is 83F now, so it looks like a 2 degree gain. I need to check my FC and pH tomorrow morning to see if the cover is reducing FC loss.
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Retrieved the solar cover from the storage unit. Water was 79F this morning. Cover should extend the season through November with a little heating near the end.
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    Some animal poops on my top step.
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    Planning for a new pool - Construction Specs Advice - Houston, TX Area

    Where are you in the area? We might be able to help guide you on some of the ways to not get taken by the pool builders. I wish I had known about this site in 2007 when I built my pool!
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    Tide pod challenge of pool maintenance…Vodka SLAM!

    Wasting Tito's is a serious offense. He could have used "Mr. Boston"....
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    New Build Confusion in Frisco, TX (Chlorination Decision)

    I installed my pool 14 years ago. Last year I switched it to Salt. So much easier to maintain. No issues with equipment. No extra issues with flagstone. You have 2 builders that love doing SWG. You have one that wants to install literally junk into your pool. I would stay away from the second...
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    Some animal poops on my top step.

    The ROUS's? I don't think they exist...