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    Filter woes

    So it looks like you were able to unscrew the union, so you don't need the 2'' pvc coupling, which also means you did not cut the pvc pipe below the collar with a cable/wire saw, correct? As far as the separation in the manifold, glue it, wrap a couple zip ties around it, etc. The wing nuts...
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    Filter woes

    This is an old swim-quip design, before sta-rite bought them out, and before pentair gobbled sta-rite up, the internal grid/manifold is classic 70's swim-quip, swim-quip made the hrp sand filters with all the bolts that held the two tank halves together. It probably is not unscrewable by hand...
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    Pump won't prime

    The basket will only accept so much water before it begins to flow back down suction pipe, fill basket to the lowest point of inlet fitting. if needed place running garden hose in skimmer port and close off somewhat with your hand so water primarily goes through pipe, with pump lid on, and pump...
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    Pump won't prime

    The previous owner removed the off tripper, because he knew it would not prime again when called to come on again after sitting off for ever how long it does before it turns on again. wiggle the pump to see if plumbing connections in/out of pump seem loose, if there is a water leak on discharge...
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    Replacement Grid assembly for a DE2420 - DEX2400DC

    The upper tank lid changes in height according to sq ft, the bottom portion of the tank stays the same, someone must have replaced the upper lid from 24 to 48, and replaced the pipe inside the tank that the grid assembly mounts to via manifold, the tank lids get taller for each increase in size...
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    Need help identifying sand filter

    Looks like Pentair tagleus maybe.
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    Sand Filters Keep Leaking

    Why did you replace the black filter ? You need to provide more info, pics of equipment, plumbing, etc. There sounds like a possible restriction in return side back to pool, an obstruction in the line somewhere, It looks like a gate valve in the background of the filter pic, do you have gate...
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    Broken/Repaired Pipes, Pump won't Prime, No Water Flow

    Those 90's are fine, it's called a saddle repair, and there is no substitute for glued fittings to underground pipe repair, unlike the home depot gimmicks etc. Pools aren't "race cars" i could glue 8, 90's on each pipe and you wouldn't even notice a difference. The dirt in that hole would have...
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    Broken/Repaired Pipes, Pump won't Prime, No Water Flow

    The reason your pipes are damaged, has nothing to do with them being 3-4'' below grade, but everything to do with the landscape crew that damaged them. Landscape crews will find a way to break pool pipes no matter how deep, they have been doing it for years, and are getting quite good at...
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    Name that old spa light

    Spa lights don't need to go topside for repairs, because spas can be drained into the pool, and light can then be repaired on the spa seat/bench area, which only requires 1-1.5' extra cord length to reach.
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    Spa air line problems

    Are you running the pump when you use the shop vac on the air line? the pump should be on when you do this. Have you tried switching out the jets that do have air , with the two jets that don't? If your getting the results of only two jets getting air with the shop vac, that's probably what...
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    Is this electrical wiring done right?

    I read one of his earlier posts, apparently he has an older, obsolete "compol lx100" power center that he is referring to.
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    Bubbles in pump sight glass

    Normal... if your 90% ever looks like your 40%, then you can be a little concerned