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    Intex Low flow

    We have an Intex sand pump as well, we had this happen earlier this week, super low flow when filtering. Backwashed for 5 full minutes, rinsed for just as long, all better now.
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    This PVC is taunting me...

    I'm new at this pool thing, so I could have just gotten lucky this year. I did notice that the legs on our moved like this until we started really filling the pool... then I had to go around the pool a few times to adjust the poles as we filled the pool. With regard to draining the 3"of water...
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    Intex 18’ x 9’ XPS with pressure treated boards advise.

    To answer your question on the wood grain, the legs should sit perpendicular to the wood grain. We have the same 9x18 intex pool, and we used the 16x16 2" thick riverfront pavers from menards instead of wood, for similar reasons... slow draining soil, and concerns that the wood won't last a season.
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    This PVC is taunting me...

    That piece of plastic is far from insignificant... like Wobblerlori said, that keeps the legs from sliding out too far... even with all that pressure of a filled pool. When you're talking about the legs moving when you seat them into position, is this happening before you fill your pool? During...
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    New from Wisconsin

    Welcome... fellow new pool owner in WI here... I'm a little south of you in Beaver Dam. This is indeed an awesome resource... we would have been SO lost without TFP. Great community, great collective knowledge here.
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    Not sure about this

    They are 16x16, 2"thick. Got them at Menards
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    Where can I drain filter backwash water? Connect to house drainage system? Pump to street/drain?

    You probably can. When we first started our filter, we had about 175ft worth of hoses and PVC running from our pool to the driveway approach (we had not chlorinated yet), worked just fine. If your pool is at a lower level, beware... when you disconnect your hose (or PVC) from the discharge, all...
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    PVC step plans

    We considered something like this at first, but then decided against it. PVC pipes have a fairly low weight bearing capability. A 1' section of 2" PVC can only bear 70lbs (Pipe Load Guide). Even if you have the weight distributed over 4 pipes (made in a square to rest a step on it), a 1x1 foot...
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    My 16’ round Intex pool is 3” off-level. Am I ok?

    TBH, I would be a little concerned. While 3" does not sound like much, if you do the math, that is a lot of additional weight concentrated on one side of your pool... like about 625lbs of weight... and that's when the water stands still. If people are in the pool and the water sloshes around...
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    The legs slid off the paver

    Even though it's a pain in the "you know where", if it were me, I'd be draining the pool to where I could safely move the legs and pavers, re-set the pavers, and re-fill the pool.
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    Where can I drain filter backwash water? Connect to house drainage system? Pump to street/drain?

    Like JoyfulNoise commented: check your local ordinances on the discharge of pool water. For example, we can only use the street gutters (i.e running it down the driveway) for dechlorinated pool water... for our city, dechlorinated means less than 1ppm. I do understand your issue... our pool is...
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    Not sure about this

    These are the pavers under the legs at the highest point of our lawn This is at the opposite side of the pool (lowest point in our lawn).
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    Not sure about this

    Fellow n00b here. First time pool owner in WI. Not sure what kind of pool you have, but ours is a metal frame above ground pool; the kind where the legs angle out from the pool. Instead of leveling the entire area of the pool, I sunk the pavers where the legs will rest so that the frame of the...
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    Pavers in northern climates?

    I'm in Wisconsin. We plan to take our pool down this fall and recheck (and re-level if needed) the pavers when we set the pool up again in spring. Regardless of pavers or wood supports, the amount of buckling and heaving in the ground due to the permafrost, I think annual re-leveling is simply...
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    Flying, Stinging Pests

    I've been reading some of the older posts (some from a few years ago) on wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. I will definitely be trying out some of the traps and solutions I found there. YouTube is full of suggestions as well. I do have a question... we have an AG metal frame pool and I've...