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    Alternative Backwash Hose

    Just a quick note on that. Typically, the 1 3/4" fire hose only comes in 50' sections. Even if you could find it in 100' it would be extremely bulky to carry. Two 50' sections will work just fine for you and they assemble together easily. When asking your local FD just ask them if they have...
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    Test results and CYA

    I think it is. If you do it the other way and add it to the skimmer you are not able to backwash for some time.
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    Really need some input please!

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to take control of this pool until you get a test kit, that is trusted, of your own. Please only get one of the recommended ones mentioned in reply #2 of this thread. I highly recommend adding a speed stir with your purchase of the test kit to simplify...
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    Winter and the TF-100

    You won't regret getting the stirrer! Can't live without mine now.
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    TFP Success - Green to Clean in 13 days

    Thanks you guys! Jblizzle, I plan on making a contribution soon.
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    TFP Success - Green to Clean in 13 days

    I don't reply too much on this site but set back and read tons, and tons. However, if I do see someone who is going through an issue or the same situation as I have, then I'll chime in hopefully being able to help. Anyway, I just wanted to share my story of opening my pool this year in hopes...
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    Need help with my filter system

    Any possibility this is dead algae? Have you vacuumed since you started killing algae and clearing the pool?
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    My project pool in FL that needs a lot of work.

    Ditto!! It sucks and is hard on the back but it is what I done too.
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    My project pool in FL that needs a lot of work.

    I just completed a project just like yours last year during the hottest part of the summer. It was rough work but it took us 3 days to complete. I was worried that installing the liner would be the hardest part but don't fret over that, it's the easy part and extra hands help out a ton but it...
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    I made a pool logger

    Gotcha, thanks! On the quick calculator link, My test results are 1.5 lower than my required FC. I click the calculator button, enter my target of 20 and it says to add 0.0 oz of bleach to reach your target. I have setup my my setting but can't figure out why it isn't telling me how much I...
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    I made a pool logger

    Has anyone had an issue logging in? I have just setup an account for the pool logger and when I get my user Id and password entered I press the login button. As soon as the button is pressed the password disappears and says a warning of error logging in. Any suggestions?
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    2017 Bleach Prices

    Rural King in my area has a sale going on right now. 4 gallons Liquid Shock 10% for $7.99. Thats $0.156/oz. Great deal, and with current date codes. Some was manufactured on the 65th and 66th day of this year but it did not take much to find fresh ones dated 148 or so.
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    muratic acid?

    Can you order it at The Home Depot and have it shipped to your store?
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    Purpose of deep cleaning a sand filter.

    Ok, guys. Thanks for the reply! I am in past the algae stage, pass the OCLT and have less than .5 CC. Just waiting on the water to clear. I went ahead and deep cleaned the filter in hopes to speed up the process. Sure didn't think it would hurt. The water was slightly murky but the biggest...
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    Purpose of deep cleaning a sand filter.

    I was curious to know what the purpose of it is. I've have read in multiple threads where a dirty filter actually will filter water better. I know that having a dirty filter can cause pressure loss and all, but at what point do you know when to deep clean? I bring this question up because I am...