Will It Damage My 2nd BackUP Heater If I Run It Without A Filter


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Aug 29, 2021
Venice Beach, Ca
Greetings. Hope someone can help. I have just completed a pool remodel. My primary Heater is a RayPak Gas Heater with a Pentair Variable Speed 2 hp pump.
It circulates the water thru a large Pentair filter. I have a 2nd heater, a RayPak Heat Pump R8350 running thru a Pentair 2hp Wisper Flo pump with no filter.
Prior to the remodel both heaters were were connected to circulate thru the filter. The heat pump along with passive solar was my prime heater. The gas heater was used to
top up the water temp a few degrees when necessary.

During the remodel the pool plumber told me that I couldn't have both the gas heater and heat pump run through the filter for some weird reason.

Now, my gas heater, pump & filter are my primary pool circulation system and will be run 8 hrs per day to keep the pool clean, etc

HOWEVER I AM CONCERNED: Can I run the HeatPump, which is no longer connected to a filter, without damaging it. It would be run as a backup heater since the gas heater, pump, and filter would be my primary heat and circulation system. I have been told by a Pentair rep that running the heat pump without a filter could damage it. Please advise
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