Which tests are good for another year?


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Apr 27, 2018
Schaumburg, IL
First off, I just opened my pool and it looks great! First test with the TF-100 I bought this time last year looked good, though of course no chlorine and CYA a little low from being partially drained over the winter and refilled. Added 1 lb of dichlor and it's now perfect.

As for testing this year, I'm curious what will still be good, and what has aged out. From a pure quantity perspective, I could make it through the entire season with just a refill of the FAS-DPD test (the powder and both liquid reagents). Everything else I've got plenty of. Last year, I did the FC, CC, and pH tests every day or two, and the full suite once a week. I'm just curious which ones will still be effective from a chemistry perspective. I'll replace what is likely to not work properly, but don't want to bin the whole kit just because it's been a year. If it matters, the kit is stored in a dark cabinet in my kitchen, temperature usually somewhere near 70F.