What did you do to your pool today?


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Mar 29, 2016
Sounds like your wife has pulled off the classic, "oh, it'll be nothing honey" on you. And she got her pool cleaned up FAST!
....and if by chance anyone comments on how nice it looks, she'll say " aw thanks, it was nothing..."? Gotta love 'er.

If anyone is looking for me Friday around 4ish, I'll be at the aforementioned watering hole.


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May 9, 2018
Central NC
Slam is finished, pool is open - although a wee bit chilly for me at 76* ... Cleaned up the deck ... this weekend I want to powerwash the deck and get new umbrellas ... although since my water is beautiful I am a wee bit nervous about getting junk in it with powerwashing! I don't have a pool cover, but maybe I can rig up a tarp with some blow up toys underneath!


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Jul 17, 2007
Hillsborough, NC
I got the SWG going after finishing adding salt and balancing the water. I vacuumed out the smudge from a failed pump last fall and closing the pool with stuff on the bottom, and I cleaned the ladder and installed it.


Mar 30, 2019
Troup, texas
All this rain has been playing havoc with my chemistry. Cleaning pollen out of the skimmer daily which its always packed full. Just tested Fc which is at 0.5 and ph was 8.0 and alkalinty was 375 ill add some chlorine here in a bit (which seems like a daily thing haha) but at least my pool has stayed crystal clear since my filter sand change. I've been running my pump about 6hrs a day waiting for the water temp to get up a bit higher was a wee bit cool last time me and the wife went for a dip.


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May 2, 2019
Garland, TX
Drilled weep holes in my Haward drive controller as one last ditch effort (it filled with water somehow... not from the pump) before I throw the whole thing away and get a Pentair Intelliflo. Other than that I'm reading up on hydraulics and water chemistry (T100 kit on the way!) to be sure I set up a new setup right and my family can enjoy a functional pool this year.

Paul & Crystal

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May 25, 2014
Oklahoma City, OK
Went chem shopping. Picked up 2 gallons of muriatic acid from Lowes at $9.79 each. That seems higher than last year. Is anyone finding a lower price? Yesterday pH was 8.2, but today it tested 7.6 so leaving it at that. After starting pump yesterday, things are balancing out. Added 5 lbs CYA yesterday. I have 60% new fill water this year as I partially drained for a plaster patch job. Added 12 lbs. baking soda as TA is 60. FC is 3 after adding 3 gallons 10% bleach yesterday. Will probably top that off with another gallon this evening. It is cloudy and raining today so will test CYA tomorrow if the sun comes out. Oh yeah....I got the cheapy thermometor at Walmart. Gonna go put that in. Not expecting more than 72* as it has been a cool spring. Hoping I get up to 76-77* by Memorial Day.

Paul & Crystal

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May 25, 2014
Oklahoma City, OK
Storm clean up. Tested water, FC was at 1.5 so added 264 oz. 10% per pool math to bring it up to 5. Zero CC, but I'm gonna run a touch high for a couple days. TA is up to 100 after adding 24 lbs. baking soda yesterday. pH came up to 7.8 so will add MA to drop to 7.5. Will also add another 5 lbs. CYA today which will be the last of what I had on hand from last year. That will probably take CYA up to 10-15. I'm expecting a new large box CYA on Wednesday and will take it up to 40. Temperature is at 70*.....sigh. Gonna be a while before we will be swimming. We have started at 72* before but it's quite shocking. Overall, it's been a smooth opening considering the drain for the patch job and refil. The water quality in OKC is not bad but low in calcium at only 50. I will have to have add at least 25 lbs cal chlor. Last year I put in 25 lbs. and never got above 250. More storms expected this week.


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May 18, 2012
Birmingham, Alabama
Brushed entire pool, vacuumed entire pool twice(once in the morning, once in the evening), added enough chlorine to keep it at shock level, replaced my backwash hose, backwashed filter, and added DE substitute to my sand filter.