What did you do to your pool today?


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Nov 7, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK
No wind the last few days (which is rare here in Oklahoma!) so I haven't had to do squat to the pool. I'll probably run the robot today, but it's pretty darn clean. BUT...I think this guy is ready to get in the pool, not just lounge around the thing.... :) 96503
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Jun 13, 2017
Rochester, MN
I'm trying to get the winter cover mostly cleared off so it can be removed before raising the water level and putting the solar cover on. (I'm certain there's still a lot of ice in the pool, but won't know until the winter cover comes off.)

And this morning the weather guys are saying we've got more snow on the way. I was really hoping for an early opening and to be swimming by Mother's Day (assuming air temps cooperate). Oh, well, maybe by Father's Day?


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Jul 29, 2016
Dug out the leaves, got the pump running, ran the robot a few times, gave it a good brushing. CYA was low so I threw some leftover shock in the pool, brought CL level to SLAM level. Pool is clearing up nicely, should be ready for swimming soon, once it warms up a bit


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May 29, 2018
Chicago, IL
over the weekend and today..... installed new heater, new vsp pump, new 2" plumbing in equipment room, new ele. for heater and pump, put filter back together, took safty cover off, removed all winterizing plugs, a few minor patches around skimmers, started filling water up to correct level, ran the robot, hope to start everything up Tuesday before the cold hits us again end of week.
Water temp is about 52


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Mar 17, 2015
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Cut new PVC pipe and redoing plumbing since I made a cement utility pad in place of the mistake plastic prefab ones I had, nothing lined up.
Getting ready to open , maybe not so fast.
78 deg today, Thursday snow up to a possible foot!,
Are you kidding me???
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Jun 1, 2015
"East of the River" CT
The water level was peaking through the safety cover over the weekend, so I drained about 1,000 gallons to give room for any rain that may fall over the next 4 weeks. Crystal clear, but near freezing. Boy was the water cold!!

Getting antsy,


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Oct 17, 2014
Spring, TX
Tune up day. A few #s of CA to bump up the hardness, a couple of socks full of CYA to bring up my Stabilizer levels. Water still a touch brisk for my liking but it is warming up. Certainly warm enough for poolside 🍹


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May 26, 2018
Follansbee, Wv
FINALLY!! My youngest daughter and I pulled the winter cover off, after scooping out gallons and gallons of nasty, stinky pond water and leaves. The pump and plumbing are installed and connected and the hose is in. There are some leaves in the pool from when the cover fell in over the winter, but a disaster. We did it in the rain and mud, and she in flip-flops...LOL. We didn't care. We had fun just being together and getting ready for summer.


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May 26, 2018
Follansbee, Wv
Today I taught youngest daughter about balancing the water, which we did together. We vacuumed the pool, brushed everything down then started the spring SLAM.

I should probably mention that youngest daughter is finishing her freshman year at college majoring in Veterinary Medicine. Talk about a proud papa!
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Apr 27, 2018
Midland, MI
Vacuumed and Skimmed my pool. Let some water out as it was almost above my skimmer. Testing for CYA because I added more to get my CYA to 50 and it's there now. Testing for FC and CC and pH... all within range. Not bad. Now I'm about to eat pizza and daydream about the upcoming summer. :cheers:


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May 26, 2018
Follansbee, Wv
Yesterday I tested the water early in the morning. FC holding at 16, CC at 0.5. I overshot pH which was at 7.0 (maybe a little lower) and is now 7.6-7.8. That's not a big issue though as our fill and rain water are acidic. My CA is off the charts high, as usual. My fill water tests off the charts high. That's not really an issue with a vinyl pool, but it can cause the water to get cloudy if the pH and water temp hit the sweet spot. The water is still very cold and the pH will come down on it's own soon enough.
CYA is at 30 for now. I'll bring it up to 40 after SLAM is complete. TA is 60. It was at 0.0 so I messed up and brought it up with baking soda AFTER adding 20 Mule Team...duh. That's what caused the pH overshoot.

Yesterday was very cloudy. I tested FC and CC again in the evening and both are steady. FC is 15.5, CC is 0.5. The water is looking good, but still seems to have a tint to it, but maybe it's just the cloud cover. Pump is running 24/7.

Last year, when I installed the new pool there were two very small leaks; one at the skimmer outlet just above the cutout valve and one at the discharge side of the filter. I corrected those issues on Friday. Yesterday, I gathered up the courage to engage the roof mounted solar panels fearing the worst...and NO LEAKS!!! The vacuum breaker did it's job and all of the water drained from the system perfectly.

We had the old 18' AGP for about 15 years and I always battled leaks somewhere. With this build, I was determined to hard plumb everything and get those panels high in the air and strapped down so they couldn't flip over or get hit with the weed-eater. So, for the first time ever, my system is running without a single drip!


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May 26, 2018
Follansbee, Wv
The pool is clear! Tint is completely gone. Final vacuum complete, FC is down to 12, CC is 0.0. Spring opening from cover off to SLAM complete in just FOUR days thanks to TFP!!!!!!

Last year was my first year ever trying the TFP way. I've never had the pool clear in 4 days after opening. You can't buy this kind of knowledge ;)

Thanks so much y'all!


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TFP Guide
Oct 25, 2015
Swam again last night. Tested at the edge while floating on a noodle. Added acid today to get ready for swimming tonight! Looks like the solar heat has it about ready:



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Jul 18, 2017
Antelope, CA
On Tuesday: Poured 1 qt. bleach in, skimmed some bugs and pollen out, brushed, emptied vacuum bag, put the solar cover on (water temp 68 degrees).
Today: Tested PH, TA, CH...Poured 1 qt. bleach in, checked water temp (74 degrees).