Weekly Professional Cleaning - Do I Still Need a Robot Vacuum?


Aug 28, 2020
Austin, TX
I currently have weekly professional pool service which includes netting, vacuum, brushing, etc. I also have a Polaris robot vacuum running off a Pentair Single Speed Booster pump. It looks like the booster pump bearings have gone ( as evidenced by very loud sound, small leak - its possible the booster ran a few hours without the main pump). Since I have weekly professional maintenance with vacuuming, do I still need to have the booster pump and robot vacuum running? Could I not stop using both of these until I take over maintenance myself when I'm comfortable? Or should I repair/replace the booster pump to keep the Polaris vacuum running in addition to weekly maintenance? Thanks.


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Mar 27, 2019
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How clean is your pool throughout the week? If you only want your pool to be spotless right after the weekly vacuuming, then do what you are doing. If you want it to be 99% spotless all the time 7 days a week, get your Polaris fixed. I run my Polaris on a timer and normally 4-6 hours per day depending on how dirty it is. You will spend a lot less paying to get the Polaris rebuilt than on weekly pool service.

Start looking into all the Pool School articles on TFP and you will soon learn that you will be way better off doing the pool maintenance yourself than paying a pool company for a weekly visit. Your pool will be cleaner, you will purchase fewer chemicals, and you will save a lot of $$$$. Start with a good test kit and then read as much as you can from this site. Also, put the details about your pool into your signature.

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