Water shotcrete shell while it cures?


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Aug 1, 2020
Southwest Florida
So they just shot our pool today. I was expecting to have to water the shell 2x/day for a week while it cures, but construction manager said we don't need to.

Thoughts? Should we do it anyway?


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Jul 3, 2013
Fletcher, OK
put a big sprinkler on a timer and turn it on 1 hour and off 1 hour, rinse and repeat :)



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Apr 1, 2007
Sebring, Florida
In Florida it likely makes little difference but I would still do it.

1. There is no harm to be done and the water is pennies,

2. Even in Florida, we can have some pretty dry days that would tend to dry the surface faster than you would like.

3. ALL masonry products (I think) benefit from being allowed to cure slowly.

4. It gives you an opportunity to admire your new pools' beauty while having a cold one.....that's hard to beat.
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