Using iBall variable returns?


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Apr 19, 2014
Moved from here... Anyone been using the new iBall variable returns lately?

I installed i-Jet returns in the 8 returns in my pool. 6 are on the sides of the pool and 2 as bubblers on the sun-shelf tied to the returns. Made a big difference in velocity. Especially for the bubblers. Kept the family from running up the pump speed to make the bubblers work. Unfortunately, the 2 that are on the sun-shelf, have now ripped vinyl inserts after 4 years. The other 6 are fine so far. I attribute this to the fact that they are walked on, layed on, and have direct exposure to the sun. I would like to replace them, but, am having a hard time finding the i-Jet by Paramount or the i-Ball Velocity by Eco-Blu. Anybody have any current information on these variable returns?
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