Tub procedure given to me - Bromine - opinions?


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Jul 28, 2008
Yeah you will have that. The cloudyness is organics that haven’t died. Keep your bromine up and it will go away. Just like a pool you just need to keep it up for a while. Its not so much about shocking ad providing constant sanitizer. The bromine will burn out most detergents but not all the way. The tub will get more and more foamy with use (unless you are one that either soaks naked or pre shower and use the same swim suit). I don’t worry much.

It’s nice when there’s no foam but it is what it is. You can get defoamer to knock it down but it won’t be permanent. Once your water clears up it should of burned off most of what could be causing the foam. Next time just add a tbsp of shock or bleach while they are using it. Don’t need a case of jock itch spreading around the neighborhood lol

I expected things to be off after the gathering just kinda sucked from that nice crystal clear we had for 3 days, lol.

I wish I had time to check levels again this AM but was running too late to do anything other than look under the cover. Will definitely test it and shock it when I get home as I am sure bromine is down again.

And I was not surprised by the foam either. The 4 of us had been using new suits not washed at all and no foaming issues to speak of but I know that will never be the case with guests.


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Jul 28, 2008
So things seem to be going well for the first week. I have been checking pH and Bromine daily. One or the other has needed adjustment everyday. First few days it was Bromine then both midweek now Bromine seems to be holding at 5-6 almost all the time. pH has been dipping on me the last 3 days. I up it and all is well until the next day so I am not at that stable point just yet.

I have noticed a slightly more chemical smell the last 2-3 days. Not bad at all just more than it was the first 2-4 days. Its a bit of a chlorine like smell but not as overpowering as a normal chlorine pool.

Water is clear and looks good. I do need to check TA and CH as I have not checked them for about 3-4 days but they were spot on at when I did.

I do have a question about filtering. The current default filtering cycle on the tub (i.e. what it was when I got it) is to run from 9-1 each day and like 11-2 each night or something as I recall. What does or should this filtering be set to in order to maximize filtration but keep energy cost from being crazy.

FYI we have/are using it everyday. We moved our kids back to college (same apartment this year for both) this week which was a nightmare 4 flight of step move in over a 2 day period. I cannot tell you how sore we were and there is NO WAY we could have been able to get up and do day 2 of the move w/o this tub - NO WAY. After day 2 we used it again and it was the only way we were able to move around on Saturday which I spent all day working on the porch area putting up trim, doing some ceiling work etc in 95+ heat up and down a ladder and bending down for cutting. Once again the only way I was able to move Sunday morning was by soaking in this tub.

Essentially this tub saved my 50 year old butt this week.


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May 3, 2014
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Its a bit of a chlorine like smell but not as overpowering as a normal chlorine pool.
Properly managed pools have no chlorine smell. That is CC. Or chloramines. It is from chlorine consuming ammonia based compounds (urine?).
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Jul 28, 2008
Also what’s your ta?

you might need to shock the bromine by raising it above 10ppm. Bromine always seems to smell a little bit but if in doubt dump in bleach or the dichlor to get it up to 10 and let it run down on its own.

Will test TA tonight last time I checked it which was about 3 days ago it was 50.

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