Trouble Clearing Cloudy Water


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May 1, 2019
Hello - I am looking for recommendations on how to clear cloudy water - specifically water that is cloudy when you are under the water. The water is clear when outside the pool (can clearly see the main drain in the deep end of 9'). Here is the result from my latest test (using Taylor K-2006):

FC: 2.5
CC: .5
PH: 7.0
TA: 150
CYA: 35
CH: 250
Water temp: 88 degrees
In-ground pool: 18,000 gal
Located in Indiana

I know my TA is high but not sure if it causing the cloudiness. I have tried a water clarifier with no success. I am regularly backwashing my sand filter. Do I need to shock again or should I lower the TA? PH is recovering from recent lowering to bring TA down from 240.

Thanks in advance!


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Jun 7, 2017
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The answer is always "not enough chlorine!". Take a look at "pool school" and familiarize yourself with proper pool water testing and maintenance.


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Jan 6, 2010
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TA has zero to do with clarity issues.

A couple things. 1) a slightly dirty sand filter actually filters better than a freshly backwashed one. You should be waiting until the clean pressure rises 25% before backwashing rather than on a fixed schedule. 2) You can dirty up a sand filter by Add DE to a Sand Filter - Trouble Free Pool
3) That cloudiness may be algae from insufficient chlorine. Raise your FC to the target for your CYA and try to keep it from dropping below minimum. The targets are generally high enough to ensure normal losses are covered. FC/CYA Chart
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Jan 17, 2012
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Welcome to TFP! Good job getting a good test kit too..... yay!

Now for the hard core stuff -->Stop putting potions and lotions into your water such as that "clarifyer"... ...all that does it gum up your filter.

Use liquid chlorine and lots of it to clear your water. Your FC is already dangerously low based on those results. Don't risk more problems by keeping it so low.

Look to the left where it says "Settings"... please make up a signature line with details about your pool and equipement in it.. This helps us a LOT and we can avoid asking redundant questions.. Thanks!

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