Tropics Blue Mini Pebble - Adding Cobalt blue glass


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Sep 8, 2019
Hello All. New Forum Member here. Great site.

About to resurface by old quartz pool with Stonescapes mini-pebble Tropics Blue. The PB told me they were having trouble with the Abalone shell so I am substituting one bag of reg size Cobalt blue glass per batch for same price. I will also be adding another bag of Cobalt for a total of 2 bags per batch. Pool resurface will take 4 batches total.

Obviously, depending on the time of day, surroundings, sun, pool depth, etc, I have seen in pictures that Tropics blue can take on a blue hue but also a greenish hue. I want deep blue as much as I can get. Im not here to inquiry about the shell substitute, just enhancing the blue color with glass.

Will the 2 bags per batch of Cobalt help to provide a deeper blue or just will it just provide the sparkle? Would a 3rd bag of Cobalt per batch be needed? I was offered to use the Puerto Rico Blend glass but noticed white and turquoise in mix and thought Cobalt would be better for the blueness.

Thanks for any help.