This much water evaporation?


Jun 23, 2019
How much water evaporation is normal in an above ground pool? On Sunday the water was 1/2 way up the skimmer. This morning it was lower and when I measured it was about 1.25 inches lower. So i need to fill it up again to prevent air getting into the pump
I have noticed this for a couple of weeks but didn't really think anything of it since my pool was just put up this May so no way there could be a leak. I checked the outer edges of the pool, didn't notice any water and could not locate any rips or holes in the liner (prob could do a more thorough check)

I only fill my pool to half way up the skimmer so with that I feel I am refilling it twice a week to get it back there. The weather here (I live in Mass) has been extremely hot in July as it is the second hottest July on record and my pool is in direct sunlight for about 8-9 hours a day.

I haven't performed the bucket check yet but just wanted to see anyone's thoughts...


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A leak in an above ground pool is normally quite obvious. It is fairly normal to have 1/4" to as much as 1/2" of evaporation per day. Plus above ground pools tend to have more splashout when people are in them.
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