This is just wrong!


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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
Spend some time in CA if you want the definition of wrong. :roll:
For years now there have been restrictions on residential home heating fires for air quality and each year we suffer thousands of acres torched by uncontrolled wildfires. The air quality is now worse in most of CA than it used to be in LA during the 70s. Folks here buying all electric cars and now huge areas are having their power shut down during high winds to preempt electrical fires from under maintained transmission lines due in part to environmental impact regulations and private utility company profits. People ordered to evacuate their homes and businesses. Lives lost, homes burned, towns destroyed and businesses abandoned. So much wrong. Sorry if this brings you down but it seems no longer to be in the "news" anymore and that is wrong too. :rant:rant off.


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Nov 7, 2018
Oklahoma City, OK
Got down to 19 F Tuesday night, 23 F last night. And we live in the South, where it's supposed to be sunny and warm all the time (she said sarcastically)! In 2016 we got a foot of snow in one day!

I'm ready for swim season again.
You and me both. It was 73 degrees on Sunday and then by early Tuesday morning, it was 15 with 50 MPH winds. Sure it's nothing compared to what Cali is dealing with, but it's not much fun!