The unpoolstorification - fixing levels, etc


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Oct 5, 2019
My next project in the meantime is fixing the suction side leak. I read the tfp instructions, and once again it worked like a charm. I did not feel like carrying a bucket to my pump so I turned on the hose and pointed it at the pump basket lid. After running water over it for a few minutes, the water level in the basket rose, then was just a bunch of bubbles, then was just a few small bubbles.

I tried some silicone lubricant (spray kind) which did not help. I've subsequently gone back to Local Pool Store and purchased a higher viscosity (more like grease paste) silicone lubricant. If that doesn't seal the gasket, the next step would be gasket replacement. THEN I'm done fixing the pool for awhile!


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Jul 10, 2012
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That is some yucky, sticky stuff to work with! I have to make sure to wear my "dirty" clothes as I always forget to bring a towel to wipe my fingers on and end up wiping it off on my pants :roll: LOL

Look at how wonderfully far you have come with this pool! I am SO glad TFP has been able to help you get this far!!! :hug: