The AGP journey part 2 - it's swim time down under


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Jan 23, 2018
Canberra ACT
It's Tuesday already :), the goal over the weekend was to disconnect the existing plumbing from the pool, move the pump and connect enough stuff up to get water circulation going on Sunday, got a late start on Saturday as we had grand kids over for a swim and i had to vacuum etc after visiting two different hardware stores on Sat morning to get the last of the plumbing bits needed ..... neither had any filter material in stock and i had to visit a third over the other side of town.
What a fun couple of days and i have the sunburn to prove it :)
Filling the monster sand filter with enough filter material was interesting. the specs call for 240kg of sand or 180kg of Zeosand. Zeosand is more common over here than plain old sand though more expensive .... i've had good experience so far with it so despite needing 12 x 15kg bags at $32 each i just sucked a deep breath and bought...
One thing i learned from this forum and in practice is the need to pre-rinse the zeo media ... you would think it would come pre-washed and clean for the price you pay but no such luck.
I pre-washed/rinsed every single bag and the amount of grey cloudy water was scary not to mention a level of particles small enough to get past the lateral slots.
Even with all that it took quite a few minutes back washing the filter at start up to get the water running clear ....
A short rinse and we had a clean ready to use filter :)
Still dosing the pool with liquid chlorine as we do final testing of the SWCG with it scheduled to run today for most of the pump run time, so this evenings testing will be interesting.

Between all the back-washing rinsing and general loosing water we have dropped quite a few inches in depth at the moment