Texas AGP (Intex) - Will update


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May 7, 2013
Harker Heights, Texas
Alright, so after a few incredibly hot, humid, and difficult days.....I'm done!! Pool 2.0, season 2020 is in the books. New pool, new Hayward skimmer....and I adjusted the plumbing because they slightly changed configuration. Not a big deal, actually easier. My only grip is that I wasn't able to get all the wrinkles out as before. Reason being (and I actually had it smooth) was that on the deck side it sat a few inches further away than the original pool, putting the skimmer further from my cutout. In my infinite wisdom...I thought it would be a good idea to move several inches of liner across the pool to the skimmer side and shift everything as much as possible.

Yeah...well that took the better part of an hour or more, with a lot of cussing and regret, but I did it. That side did sit closer to the deck, but unfortunately I wound up with a few wrinkle opposite that I just couldn't fight any longer...And when I say fight, understand my OCD was in overdrive but the heat, cuts on my knuckles, feet, and bruised knees ultimately told me to live to fight another day....



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Mar 28, 2017
Wow! Just read your whole thread starting from years ago. You've done so much to your pool area. It looks amazing. I appreciate all the pictures, it helps to see how everything progresses.