SWG: anything else?


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Jul 13, 2007
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I am still a newbie here, so please excuse my insanely ignorant question! :wink:

We are doing research on pools and equipment before we take the plunge (no pun intended!) into building our AGP early spring of next year. My question is about salt water generators: I know they turn the salt into chlorine, but I can't find anywhere that tells what else, if anything, they do. Are there some out there that automatically adjust the chlorine levels to the range they should be in? I know there are several chemicals to keep right in your pool (I have learned something!), so what else would we have to have to keep the water clear and the levels right with one? Does this system just disperse the chlorine into the pool and nothing else? Is this set up the easiest to maintain? Every sales person has told us different things, so I am looking for some input that isn't monetarily motivated. :lol:

We are very excited about our pool, we just want to have the best time with it and want to be fully prepared for what we have ahead of us. On a side note, maintenance, cleaning, chemical levels, etc will not be a problem; we just want to enjoy it as much as we can without it becoming another child. :shock:

Thank you for your opinions! :-D


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Mar 29, 2007
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The basic function of the SWG is generate chlorine nothing else. Most SWG's output chlorine based on a percentage of running time... ie. set it at 50% and it will generate chlorine 30 minutes out of a 60 minute period (I could be wrong on how exactly this works) You will have to test to make sure your FC is in the correct range and adjust your unit accordingly. The only other things you have to worry about is a general increase (but not everyone experiences) in your pH level, so you will need to have to acid on hand and salt. Depending on your unit. It can range anywhere from 3000-5000 ppm, but you only usually have to worry about that one maybe two times a season.


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Apr 22, 2007
If you are constantly having to lower pH in your area, you may want to consider the model of AutoPilot that also monitors and applies muriatic acid as needed.


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Mar 29, 2007
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Does the Auto Trol offer that option?

For me, adding a little acid every 4-5 days is not too hard. I am not sure how much the autopilot with acid injection is running these days but its probably out of my budget range.


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May 7, 2007
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A typical SWG puts chlorine into the pool at rate that you can adjust. You still need to do everything else you would otherwise have to do. Adding chlorine is usually the most frequent pool chore, so this does provide a significant reduction in pool care effort.

For more automation, AutoPilot does make the Total Control system, which costs far more than a regular SWG. It regulates chlorine and PH levels based on sensors constantly measuring the pool water. There are also systems designed for commercial pools with similar automation. These systems eliminate all of the daily tasks except for cleaning out the skimmer(s).

With any of these systems you still need to test and adjust several other levels. However, chlorine is the only one that typically requires daily attention, PH gets adjusted less frequenly but still can be a couple of times a week, and all of the others can be dealt with on the order of once a month.