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Jun 10, 2020
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I am a worry wort so don't like the in skimmer way as I always worry the sock with block the flow of water. I like tube socks better as there is less of a chance for any "pebbles" to fall out. To hang it in front of a return you can tie it to the end of a broom handle and put some thing heavy on the broom end to keep it from falling.
Thank you. Bought MA and liquid chlorine today. Do you have a certain way of putting them in your pool? Also, birds have found the pool and now poop in new decking and coping ArgGh. Any suggestions on how to clean it up?


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Jul 10, 2012
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For adding both have your pump on high if you have more than speed. Pour right in front of a return slowly. You can even brush the pool to make sure it mixes in good if you want.

MA-make sure to wear eye covering!!! Also make sure you don't spill or splash it on the decking.

Do NOT add MA and chlorine at the same time. They can make a nasty fume. Add them about 15 mins apart.

Bird poop-hose off as soon as you can and brush that area good. If it is staining let me know and we can work on what to use to clean the stains off. :(
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