Sta-rite cartridge filter leak


May 30, 2010
Just North of Toronto
Hello I have a Sta-rite cartridge filter S7M120 which is about 10 years old and has been leaking for awhile. I thought it was the big O ring between the two halves so I applied Jacks lube on it and when that didn’t work I replaced the o ring which also did not stop it. It got a little worse recently and I tried applying more Jacks to no avail.

however I just noticed that it’s actually leaking from the cartridge housing. Not sure if you can se it in the pics but it almost looks like a manufacturing defect with a series of holes between the fins that were later sealed and are now leaking.

anyway any thoughts on what kind of glue or sealant I might use to seal the leaking hole? And how to fix it I.e. from the inside of outside etc?

thanks in advance



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Mar 4, 2015
Sugar Land , TX
Usually when a filter vessel has a crack we replace it. There are threads on forum that describe how things can go "boom" if trying to glue a "pressure tank ". Time to replace, sorry