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Apr 22, 2021
Miami Lakes/Florida
Started my SLAM yesterday afternoon after noticing some brown algae and got readings of Temp 87 , FC 0.0, CC 0.0, PH 8.0, TA 100. Using App recommendations I added 280 of Liquid Chlorine 10%. Before that in an attempt to bring PH to 7.2 I added in 48 oz of Muratic Acid but that was only 30 minutes prior to SLAMing with the Liquid Chlorine. Hear are my questions:
  • In reading further on here, I guess I needed to bring the PH down to between 7.2 and 7.5 BEFORE SLAM process, correct?
  • I just measured PH and it is at 8.0 with TA at 80. I added 36 oz of Muratic Acid as per the app. I have not added any Liquid Chlorine yet today but FC is at 6.6. Do I wait until I get PH down to 7.2-7.5 before restarting SLAM?
  • The water today is fairly clear but still not 100%, some very faint algae visible (look like dirt). I have a question about measuring CC using Taylor Test Kit TPD test. In last step in measuring for CC, you add in R0871 liquid drop by drop until it turns from red to clear but is that taken when it first turns clear. What I mean is that I noticed it turned clear after 2 drops which would indicate 0.4 CC (using 0.2 method) but after a minute or so it turned pink. How long does the water sample need to stay clear for CC count or do I need to keep adding R0871 until the sample stays clear (not pink) for over 1 min or 2 min? This has me confused in measuring CC for slam...
  • I have not done OCLT test yet to test for lost FC. Should I do OCLT test tonight since I did SLAM it with Liquid Chlorine yesterday or that's only done once I restart(start SLAM) again?
  • Lastly, during a SLAM do we keep testing CYA? Or is that considered stable reading and not needed every day during SLAM.
Thanks in advance. I have received great advice here and thanks for that too!


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