SLAM for Mustard Algae, is This Even Algae?


Jun 1, 2021
I've had recurring mustard algae that reappears along seams and wrinkles in the liners after brushing. Plus had bugs.
Started slamming 3 days ago. After 24 hrs FC maintained and CC was 0 so I moved up to Slam for Mustard Algae. Trying now to keep FC at about 20 (cya 30). Yesterday afternoon it maintained for 3 hrs at 20 but dropped to 15 this morning. Is that a normal drift down over 12 hrs or do I need to keep maintaining?
I've also attached what I have this morning of the small spot on the liner. It disappears when brushed. It's an above ground round pool with 1 return. I've taken the stairs out so there really shouldn't be corners or dead zone for anything to hide in.

3 days ago pm:
FC 3.8, CC 0, pH 7.2, TA 100, ch 350, cYa 30
3 days ago evening:
FC 11, CC 0
2 days ago AM:
FC 7, CC 0
2 days ago PM:
FC 12, CC0
2 days ago evening (raise to mustard algae 18-20FC):
FC 17.5, CC 0.5
Yesterday AM:
FC 14.5 CC 0.5
Yesterday noon:
FC 21, CC 0.2
Yesterday 5pm:
FC 18, CC 0
Yesterday 8pm:
FC 21, CC 0
Today 8am:
FC 15, CC 0
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