Skimmer hole was cut too big HELP!!


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May 26, 2020
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Hello everyone! This is my first post here since I just discovered the site. My husband and I have been abg pool owners for about 4 years now. We just got a new pool from Royal Swimming Pools since our last one was damaged over the winter. WE got it mostly set it up this past weekend but the problem we now have is that when one of our friends was helping set it up he didn't read the skimmer installation instructions right and we ended up cutting the skimmer hole first and its too big on the bottom. It's a good inch below where it needs to be. Does ANYONE has any recommendations for patching it with the piece of liner we cut out? I was thinking we could somehow glue the cutout piece to the liner that way it gives it its length back. Otherwise I'm thinking we are in trouble with our new liner.....also if anyone's ever done this before PLEASE let me know what kind of adhesive you used and if it held up. We dropped $1,500 on this new pool and it's been a real challenge putting it up.

Thank you for any and all advice!! It will be sincerely appreciated!!
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Jul 21, 2013
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Have you done anything to fix this yet?


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I didn't cut the hole too big but I did punch screw holes in the wrong place. I think you should be able to patch the hole with your piece of cut out liner and a pool patch kit. The one I used is Swimline Vinyl Patch Kit. It comes with big pieces of vinyl, you could conceivably put a patch on the inside and outside for extra strength. Seems to me that would work.


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Apr 16, 2007
I did this when I first installed and the patch held for the most part but started leaking around year 4-5.

Brett S

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Mar 15, 2019
I wonder if you could find a bigger skimmer that might fit into the hole that was made.

If you do patch it, though, I would suggest getting a large piece of vinyl that will fit over the entire hole and overlap a few inches on each side, then cut a new hole through the patch. I feel like if there is a seam from a patch in the middle of your skimmer opening that you will have a hard time getting the skimmer to seal over the seam.


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May 8, 2012
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Use Boxer vinyl adhesive #100 or #104. You'll have to patch it after you've put most of the water in, but while it's still below the liner and skimmer opening. That way it will already be stretched before you patch it. I think Brett S has a good idea re: the size of the patch.

Also make sure you use a butterfly gasket around the skimmer opening. It is 2 gaskets attached on the inside where you overlap it in the skimmer opening. You need to install it like a sandwich with the layers like this from the inside of the pool to the outside: skimmer plate - gasket - liner - pool wall - gasket - skimmer housing.
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