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Aug 8, 2020
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11K pool, one skimmer, main drain, 3 returns (one will be a massage jet) setup will be VS/VF pump, cartridge filter, SWG, question.

In most of the diagrams I have seen there is a check valve between the heater & SWG (I understand why), do I need a check valve before the pump? As well, the check valve I have already purchased is the Flo-Vis check valve...if I am putting 2 check valves in, where is the best location for the flow meter (before the SWG or before the pump)?



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May 3, 2007
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You really don't need a check valve after the heater. The SWG does not produce chlorine when the pump is off so it is a non issue for SWGs. Also, you only need a check valve after the filter if you plan on using solar heating.


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Jul 7, 2014
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Flow gauges are just not needed in most cases.. Since you already own it, I would put it between the pump and the filter..

As Mark points out, the check valve after a heater is only needed if you had a tab feeder, which can bleed acid back into the heater.. This is not a problem with a SWCG, so it is not needed or even recommended.

I would want 4 pool returns, one on each "wall" of the pool. Their whole job is to move the pool water like a large flushing toilet bowl, but obviously much, much slower.

Good luck with your new pool,

Jim R.