Should I do anything to further "seal" hoses?


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May 21, 2013
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Morning Everyone,
Quick question. When I attach the black flexible hoses that just slide on to the skimmer to pump and pump to return, should I add anything or are there any tricks to ensuring a tight seal? These are the black 1 1/2" flexible hoses that slide on to the male end and have the metal ring around them that gets tightened. I had one last year that had a small leak that was kind of annoying, not enough to worry about, but was annoying.

Along the same note, should I ever replace or add anything to the seals for the pump hoses, specifically the basket that screws on to the pump that has the "O" ring inside it, same with the hose that goes from pump to filter, they both have the O ring that is maybe silicone that you put in the screw part before you start screwing it down.

Thanks for the help!

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Hello! :wave: Regarding your questions ..... you should be okay by simply tightening the metal clamps provided that secure the hoses to the male fittings. O-rings often do well with a liberal amount of silicone-based lube made specifically for pools (i.e. Magic Lube). It keeps the rings pliable and helps to retain a better seal. Hope that helps. :)


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Jul 11, 2012
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I will tell you that we had to hard plumb ours with PVC as the dogs were playing chase and knocked the hoses off! What a mess! BUT in the end it made us happy as it made it easier to work on the pool and equipment as we added valves so we could close off the return and skimmer when we wanted to work on it!

It was easy to do. Just make sure to use unions so you can take the equipment off to work on it as needed.