Screenlogic won't change *cooling* temperature for Pentair Ultratemp heatpump


Mar 16, 2014
Queen Creek, AZ
Thanks - I'll get in touch with Pentair... maybe they'll update something!
Hi. Did you ever get this figured out? Mine is doing the same thing. Weird thing is that is used to work on the previous app version, but now won't. Heat works fine, but when it's 110 in Phoenix and my water temp is hitting 89, heat is the last thing I need. To make matters worse, I only have screen logic as an interface, so no other easy way to control anything. Thanks.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I do not know the answer, but it appears that the others are able to control cooling via the little 3" LCD on the main panel... Better that than having the water too hot.. Have you tried to run cooling via the main panel display?

Jim R.