ScreenLogic2 with UltraTemp heatPump


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Jun 19, 2018
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I have recently purchased a Pentair UltraTemp HeatPump that has a heat/cool function.

I utilized ScreenLogic2 to automate and control my entire pool including my water features and lights. I haven't had any issues with this until I got the heatpump installed this week. I am also using a standard easytouch panel. I'm not sure of the exact model, but I do know it is not the extended version. Everything is connected properly and there is a solar temp sensor installed.

The problem I'm having is ScreenLogic is not communicating with my heatpump for the COOLING feature. Here's my scenario:

On the EASTTOUCH panel the water is set to heat at 84 degrees and cool at 94 degrees. It is set in the HEATPUMP feature (so not heat or h.pump pref). ScreenLogic also has the same settings.

- Currently the water temperature is 88 Degrees. I have tried to RAISE the temperature and turn the heat on from the ScreenLogic app. When I put the heat temp above the current water temperature (so for example 90 degrees), the heat pump comes on and attempts to heat the water as it should. However:

- When I attempt to lower the water temperature and set the COOLING at 84 degrees (just an example, anything less than the current temp of 88), the heat pump does not respond. I also make sure the heat function is at least 3 degrees lower. I've even gone as far as 10 degrees lower than the cool temperature. And to make matters worse, after approximately 90 seconds, the temperature for cooling defaults back to 94 (or whatever the easytouch panel is set too).

I cannot get the ScreenLogic to control the cooling feature. It seems to communicate fine for heating, but for some reason, the cooling keeps being overridden by the easytouch panel settings.

For what it's worth, If I adjust the cooling feature on the easytouch panel, it will turn the heatpump on to cool, so the heatpump works properly when the panel controls it, but obviously I would like to control the cooling temperature from the application....

Has anyone else seen this?


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Jul 7, 2014
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Does the following page in your setup screen show both the "UltraTemp" and "Has Cooling" boxes checked???


Jim R.