replacing a Korky auto-fill


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Jun 30, 2010
Hi, I'm totally new to owning a large pool. I have managed to keep the chemicals in balance but it seems like my autofill is constantly filling. Water bill for a month is $163 and it keeps climbing. I would like to either turn it off or replace it. I live in NV and evaporation is really high. I have my solar cover to help with that but I need to either fix or replace that auto fill. Can anyone tell me how to do either.



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May 20, 2007
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While I am not familiar with Korky, most standard auto-fills have a toilet tank like float valve that screws in. Check it's operation and it's on/off levels first.

Seal the port to the pool from the filler. If the filler's float is too high, the drain port will continue to drain excess water. Lower the float's height some and listen for incoming fill water. Check for anything causing the the float to get hung up on.


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Oct 29, 2009
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Somewhere nearby, you likely have a ball valve that controls flow to the autofill. The pool builder had to tap into the house plumbing someplace, and would have certainly installed a valve to control it. The first place to check would be at the nearest outside hose spigot, but it could be elsewhere. If you can't find a valve or lower the float, in a pinch you could probably bend a coat hanger and use it to prop up the float high enough that the flow stops. That's what I used till I figured it out, since my float valve was corroded and couldn't easily be adjusted.

There are a couple possibilities as to why it runs all the time, but that much evaporation is unlikely, even in NV; in Tucson, my autofill runs a little each day, but nothing I would describe as constant. Do you have an overflow drain on your pool? If the float is set too high, as Scott suggested, you could be adding water via the autofill and losing it via the drain simultaneously. Or, as Flyboy320 mentioned, you could have a leak. Either one of these scenarios would knock your chemistry all out of whack, since you'd constantly be replacing water. Are you seeing that?


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Jul 4, 2010
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Melt In The Sun said:
If the float is set too high, as Scott suggested, you could be adding water via the autofill and losing it via the drain simultaneously.
We have been having this problem but did not know it until recently. The auto fill kept filling and the drain kept overflowing. How do you lower the plastic float? Does anyone know where I can find a picture that shows how it should be installed? Ours was broken and we replaced it earlier this year. Apparantly, it was not installed correctly. I finally turned off the water supply to the auto fill since it is now winter and it will rain often.

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