Question about using gravel to give pavers more stability


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Apr 24, 2021
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Hi all,
This place is a tremendous resource for a first-time AG Pool owner like myself. Been reading for months and am hoping someone can take a look at my current situation as I try to prep and level the ground before putting up our new Intex 18x9 Ultra HTR.

I had to clear, grade and level about a 22x16 foot area in my back yard. Today I buried 12 pavers for the pool’s 12 supports. 10 of the 12 are buried on very solid, compact soil. The other 2 are at the “low” end of the slope and, in order to get them level, I had to build both of them up about an inch or two. I know this is a Cardinal Sin on TFP, but I’m not sure what else I can do short of digging the entire area down a few more inches. My wife will kill me if I go with that option. It’s taken me 4 straight weekends of 6-7 hour days just to get to this point. (I went the pick and shovel route. It’s been a LOT more work than I’d expected.)

Here’s my question: should I add some 3/4” cleaned gravel beneath those 2 pavers I’m concerned about? Will that give them some added stability and make them less likely to sink?

Any input is much appreciated. I tried to upload photos but they’re too large.


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Welcome to TFP :)

You can use clean gravel, you can also use smaller gravel with stone dust in it.. You just want it level and stable.. Try to compact it with something or at least use the block.. :)

To post pictures on a windows computer open the picture and then open Snip and Sketch in programs, click new and copy the picture.. come into the reply area in TFP and right click and select paste... Like this..

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