Pump won't follow schedule


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Oct 13, 2016
My pump continuously cycles between the spa and the pool, no matter what I do in terms of the service panel or using the phone screenlogic app

The schedules I set up on the screenlogic dont work as expected -- for example if I put in a schedule on screenlogic for the pool to run 7A-5P then it randomly switches between the spa and pool.

If I use the outside service panel and set the mode to "pool" it will run the pool for about 30 mins and then switch over to the spa, even if I dont touch the panel again.

I dont get it -- the only thing I can think of is that there's some kind of hidden circuit that forces the pump into spa mode just to keep the lines running periodically?

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Jun 22, 2009
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Most likely it's in freeze protection mode. It will switch between pool and spa about every 15 minutes whenever the ambient temp is below about 40ºF.


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

I am in the DFW area and freeze protection has come on for the past few mornings.. It comes on when the air temp is about 35 degrees and goes off when the temp is about 37 degrees... Keep in mind that the accuracy is not all that great, so it could be off two or three degrees to either side..

I don't use freeze protection for this very reason. You can turn off freeze control, circuit by circuit, by just deselecting the circuit on the ScreenLogic set up page.

Also, if you look at the pic below, the last item in the list on the left tells you if Freeze mode is on or off...


Jim R.