Pump sizing ???


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Jun 2, 2007
The original 10 yr. old Dura-glass pump is still going strong (a little noisy) but I know it's going to die soon so I want to be ready when it happens. I want to stay with a sta-rite pump to make plumbing easy and I'm happy with the longevity of my old pump.

Do I have the right size pump?

Original Pump: Dura-glass pump 1hp w/ 1.65 SF

Here's the specs:
20 x 40 - 34,000 gal. vinyl liner inground pool. One skimmer, one main drain, three returns, equipment 20' from pool, all plumbing 1 1/2". 300lb. sand filter w/ 63 gal/min max. flow rate. 400 sq. ft Helicoil solar panels 15' up from equipment. Aquarite SWG. Use dolphin primarily for cleaning. Clean filter pressure reading = 16 PSI w/ solar 21 PSI

Thanks for your input!


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Apr 1, 2007
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Without doing the math, your pump size seems about right to me. When you replace, either go with the same or perhaps just a little less gpm. The filter is adequate but only adequate for that size pump and you don't want to go any bigger, for sure. You psi numbers all look right on the money. I think you've got a good system.

Again, doing the math is your best bet so consider this a guess but with some degree of experience involved. :lol:


Jun 12, 2007
You need to match the the rate of filter to the the rate of the pump. The pump should list what it is rated out.

Too big of a pump will hurt the performance of your filter.

I replaced my pump this year. The old was 1 hp 220-volt. I replaced with a Hayward on sale from Leslie that 63 gpm also 220, my house is 36,000 galloons so I would guess you have the right size pump. My brother in law, a licenseed plumber, installed this for me and plumbing matched. I think you need to look at where water comes in and water goes out for matching.

Another thing you may not know, 220 pumps are more efficient and hense cheaper to run than 110 pumps. I run my pump 24/7.