Probable Copper Staining


Jul 27, 2017
Lakeland, FL
Have staining on the bottom perimeter of my gunite pool where I pour my liquid chlorine. It occured in July shortly after
when within two weeks our pool was inadvertently treated twice with our normal dosage of copper based algacide.

The staining is in a narrow band exactly where I pour my liquid chlorine. I'm told that liquid chlorine reacts with excess copper to create these type of stains.

I haven't used copper based algacide since and the staining has not changed since July, since we are in Florida figured I'd wait until off season
to deal with it.

So, I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a product I can use to attempt to remove the staining. There are so many brands i.e Jack's, Natural Chemistry etc., I'm not sure which to try first.

Thank You