Pool Pilot DIG-220 bad sensor or something else ?


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Mar 3, 2013
I've gotten about 7 years out of the unit so far with no problems so I'm very happy with that.

This year when I opened the pool I immediately started to have some issues with the temp not showing correctly and also the unit saying to check/clean cell.

It would work on and off so I left it alone for a month or so. However it started to continue to show check/clean cell and also starting showing to add salt, however I knew my salt level was in balance.

I went ahead and cleaned the cell and that message has stopped. However now my temp, salt and flow are all over the place. I tried to take apart the tri-sensor and it all looked fine. I've also removed and re-attached both ends of the cable as well as turned off the system a number of times.

At this point it's not making any salt and continually showing check flow, temp goes from 0 to about 120 and the unit always says to add salt. For the first time today It showed "bad temp sensor ?"

My questions is where should I start ? Should I just try to replace the cable first ? Or do we think the sensor itself is bad? Could it be anything other than this and is there anything else to try?

Also - is there a way to over-ride the sensors and have the unit forced on ?

Lastly when I removed the cover I also noticed that only 1 of the 2 fans is spinning. Should they both be spinning or do they independently turn on and off ?

Thanks for the help