Please Check My Equipment !!!


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Jul 8, 2013
Long Island, NY
Hello All leaning towards this builder please double check my equipment.

Pool size 16 x 32 rectangle

pool will be steel walled vinyl with 3 18" sheer decent
qty 2 hayward 1.5 HP super pump VSP (1 for sheer decent and another for pool)
hayward cartridge filter c4030
hayward 125k heat pump
1 color logic light
27mil liner
40k salt cell
dual main drain
2 skimmers 7 returns
hard bottom with foam on walls and bottom
trying to get him to install omniPL automation but he is having hard time getting it right now but he thinks he will have it at the time of install which is in 2-3 months.

i think i got everything. please let me know what to upgrade if necessary. thanks SP
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Jul 10, 2009
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Your 40k salt cell should be plenty big enough. We like to oversize the salt cell in our recommendations as they tend to last longer and you don't have to put them on max output to generate enough chlorine.
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