Planning advice for Phoenix new build?


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Aug 17, 2020
Hi! We are in the planning phases of a new pool and home remodel.

We want a good sized pool for family of seven, but not so big that it's cost prohibitive to maintain. We were thinking a 36 x 17 rectangle with a 6' baja step on one end. Any thoughts on pool size and having a baja step?

We are thinking we don't need any waterfalls, but maybe some deck jets. Thoughts on going without a water feature?

We have four kids who all say they'd rather have a deep end than a set up that allows for volleyball type play. Thoughts on if we will regret this configuration?

Do we spend the extra money on the phone control app?
Is there a certain pump, decking, cleaning system, etc. that you would reccomend for the Phoenix area?

What am I not thinking of???

So glad to have you guys along for the ride!
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Jul 20, 2020
Houston, TX
Probably just everyone playing in their pools or at work. Welcome to the group! I would look over as many of the designs as you can that are in here and see what it is that you really like about various features and then have a builder put together some renderings for you. There are so many options and variables that you really want to take them time to consider how you will use the pool the most. We had several renderings done with different builders before we finally settled on our pool design, and even after that we are still making changes. I am not all that well versed on equipment, but there is a wealth of knowledge here. It seems like most people recommend the big three suppliers and everyone has their preference, Jandy, Hayward, and Pentair. Who you use a builder may affect your choices in equipment because some are dealers for one of the three. Take a look at the Pump and Equipment section and read some of the posts, there is alot of good advice in there.


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May 3, 2014
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Welcome to the forum!
Sorry you have not had any replies!
From my view, water features are way oversold. We have two deck jets. Have run a them a few times for a few minutes, way too noisy.
I did put in automation (Easytouch) with VS pump, SWCG, etc. Definitely recommend those items. I do not have phone app control, but the new Pentair Intellicenter comes with that in it.
Our pool is quite small. But from what I have read, those with Baja steps are not all that thrilled with them. If I designed a pool today, it would have extensive places to sit in the water with the water coming up to about your shoulders or just below. Great place to sit when 115F outside. And shade. Our pool is on the East side of our house so in shade from about 3 pm on.

I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.


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Dec 26, 2019
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Pool Size
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-40
I have 6" scuppers in a wall, deck jets, and bubblers in my tanning ledge. Would do scuppers/waterfalls again in a heartbeat. Probably not the deck jets. Bubblers yeah, if I had a ledge for them. I like sitting outside listening to the waterfalls in the mornings while I drink my coffee. Deck jets are too noisy, as mknauss suggests.

I have a baja shelf/tanning ledge, and might do it again. I think I would use the baja shelf quite a bit more if I would buy an umbrella and table so I had a spot to place my beverage while I am lounging on the loungers.

Automation would all depend on how many features and what else I was getting. It would be a have to have feature for me, but others, maybe not.

My current setup is 3.5' to 5' depth. Pool is freeform, and about 35' long at the longest point. For my next pool build, I would change it up to a sport style, with 4-6-4 or 4.5-6-4, something along those lines. Deep enough to do a cannonball in the middle, but shallow enough to be able to play volleyball or basketball, or watermelonball (@kimkats, I still haven't looked this game up). It is tough to say on the depths of a pool, as it is all subjective and completely personal opinion. I have children, and I want them to enjoy the pool, but they will be gone someday and I don't want a pool that I can't use half of it. I enjoy lounging around in the water, and walking around the pool.

I have an in floor cleaner, and I like it. I know the Phoenix market, from what I have gathered on here, have a lot of pools with in-floor cleaners, so might be worth weighing out, vs. just a robot.

Look through the under construction build threads until you think you can't look anymore, then look more. There are so many ideas out there it is ridiculous. I am kinda glad that I found this place after my build was mostly done, as I think all of the things I have found since my build that I thought "holy cow... on the next build I'm doing that." would push me into having to triple my pool budget.



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Jun 16, 2019
Hey CraigClan Welcome !! To all 7 of y’all. The possibilities are endless and there really aren’t any wrong answers. No matter how much you plan ahead, things still don’t always go the way you had thought. But people adapt to what’s in front of them. Have a volleyball pool ? They’ll play volleyball. Have a cavernous deep end ? They’ll swim. Have an above ground pool ? They’ll make whirlpools and do some of all of the above.

More often than not it will just be there to admire in the yard. So the folks who make it a visually stunning masterpiece get the most payback from that aspect. We favored function over form and spent our budget going with a big rectangle with a diving board. The coulda/woulda/shoulda’s are had by all.

Generally speaking, people want all the features until they have them and don’t use them all, or enough once the newness wears off. Very few people ever wished they got a smaller pool. In your case you may have several people asking to have friends over on the same day. It’s better with the big kids because they are off doing more activities (Covid notwithstanding) and it’s also worse at the same time because 5 of the friends can just drive themselves over to hang out.

I don’t envy your decision making process, but post up any thoughts or questions every step of the way and you’ll have no shortage of opinions to make it even harder. :ROFLMAO:
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Jul 10, 2012
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HI and welcome! I will be glad to help you spend your money build your pool!!!

not so big that it's cost prohibitive to maintain.
The size really does not factor in too much in the cost to maintain so long as you keep the FC up and the algae out! We will help you learn how to care for your pool using stuff from Walmart, Target, and Lowes! How cool is that!!!

deck jets worth the money for the little use you will get out of them

Now lets talk about your pool shape and use..................IF you have the yard size a L shaped pool is the best of all worlds. The foot 4' deep for the watermelon Ball (@Turbo1Ton here is the link: PlaSmart Watermelon Ball The Ultimate Swimming Pool Game -Original - )

The "leg" part will be your swim zone and diving area! Something for every one.

With 4 kids count on at least 8 kids so...........bigger is better!

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