Philadelphia Area - Looking for a Solarattic Heat Exchanger Installer


Jun 1, 2019
Newtown Square, PA
I live in the Philadelphia western suburbs and have purchased a Solarattic Heat Exchanger to help heat my pool with my attic heat (it is essentially a radiator using the pool water which is pumped up the side of the house via the main filter pump, into the attic, through the exchanger, and back down to the pool). I am purchasing a new Pentair Intelliflo VSF pump and a Pentair Solartouch/actuator diverter valve as part of the install. I have 240V service to old Intermatic timer but I'd like to put in a new sub-panel to clean up and future proof the install. Solarattic recommends using flex PVC up the side of the house. It has a built in pan and automatic shutoff but I plan to put in a smitty pan which drains to the eave and has another electronic shutoff at the breaker in the event of a leak.

Does anyone have any recommendations for someone who can competently install this? Most pool installers do not have the expertise or ?insurance to install the exchanger in the attic. Plumbers lack the pool connection know how and generally cant perform the electric work. HVAC makes the most sense as they can handle the plumbing and electric work and can work in and out of the house. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find someone capable yet who is interested in the project. Does anyone have any recommendations? Feel free to respond below or PM me. Thank you very much!


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Welcome to TFP.

Competent? Experienced? Insurance?

You are unlikely to find a company who take responsibility for installing an owner supplied system like that. Unless they have a relationship with the company and are an authorized installer.

This a DIY install system. Find a handyman who can help you install it.