pH level during SLAM

Jun 9, 2014
Marietta, GA
All year, my pH has been perfect. After no pump for 12 days, I got a bunch of algea. I am SLAMing now, but I noticed that my pH is around 8.0, maybe even higher (the color seemed a bit darker than the 8.0 mark). So should I wait until SLAM is done to worry about pH, or should I add some acid now?

Also, I have never had to add any acid. What is the difference between muratic and dry, and where do I get either?


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Aug 22, 2016
Kaplan, Louisiana
A little new here, but I believe your PH test will be inaccurate during SLAMing.
Would be better to wait until finished SLAMing or drop FC to under 10 before testing.
I've always used muratic and get mine at Lowe's at a pretty good price.


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Jul 24, 2015
Central Valley CA
Did you by chance check the pH before starting the SLAM? pH reading will not be accurate at FC level above 10 ppm that's why the SLAM directions suggest getting it set before you start.

If you did not check before and are only now noticing the level at 8.0 during the SLAM I would complete the SLAM wait for the FC to drop to 10ppm or lower then retest and adjust accordingly.

If you did check before the start of the SLAM and that is when you got the 8.0 reading you could just use pool math to add the suggested amount of MA and assume you hit the target since you can't trust the test right now.

MA can be found at most any big box hardware store either in the garden section or failing that the paint area.
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