Pentair Screenlogic2 Static IP set up


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Aug 23, 2019
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Following up on my last post—I finally got mine working (and linked to my Echo/Alexa—so cool!) but my wireless sender was fried so I bought a new one.

I have a google Wifi ‘mesh’ network and a bunch of wired Ethernet switchs and the protocol adapter is plugged in to a switch, this managed by the Google WiFi Router system. I make sure to have static, reserved IP addresses for all my devices and so it was never an issue.
I highly recommend the google WiFi system. I got the Orbi originally from a flash Costco purchase and it was a headache for managing my traffic (I have 47 devices and a ‘smart home’).
I’m trying to connect my ScreenLogic 2 to my Orbi router...can you tell me how you created a static IP for the ScreenLogic?


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Jun 20, 2016
Why create a static ip? No need to bring it logs in via a user name password vs an actual route. My DVC in my home for my cameras need a static ip cause it doesn’t use a cloud account but screen logic uses a cloud access so the static ip really isn’t needed.

I would think keep it simple and just use dhcp and call it a day.

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Jun 7, 2018
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It depends somewhat on how "D" (dynamic) your router's DHCP server is. It's easier for one device to find another when its LAN IP address hasn't changed. Some routers assign DHCP addresses more consistently than others.

The quote in the first post of this thread is just slightly confused, mentioning "static, reserved IP addresses." An address cannot be both static and reserved, but it can be one of 3 types. The first 2 use DHCP.
  • dynamic - assigned by the router to whatever the router chooses
  • reserved - assigned by the router to the address the user (homeowner) has set on the router
  • static - set in the device itself by the homeowner via that device's user interface.
Looking this up amused me when I found the following image. Notice how the button you need to press is disabled. Oh, Pentair, you've done it again.



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Mar 5, 2017
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Hi Solexa,
Are you having an issue with the Screenlogic2 maintaining its internet connection with the Orbi? What is the reason for the static IP?

It’s a relatively simple process to reserve the IP address with any router’s software. That’s always my recommendation since end user software for the actual gadget is often difficult to edit IP and dynamic defaults. You can download (iOS link here) the Orbi app and do it thru there. There are many FAQS available-but since I no longer have the Orbi I can’t be of much assistance directly.