PB vs TFP recommendations


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May 7, 2019
Daytona Beach, Florida
Hi all. My pool is currently in the gunite phase of construction (as posted here). It is going to have a SWG. My PB gave me a paper which has their recommended chemical balance, and I've read the TFP recommended balance for SWG pools, but they are pretty different.

PH7.0-7.2 (No higher than 7.2!)7.2-7.8

Any ideas on why such a difference?


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Jul 7, 2014
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Yes, because your pool builder is an idiot!!! :mrgreen:

I have three saltwater pools and I can tell you it would be impossible to keep your pH at 7.2 for more than about 2 microseconds... It just does not work that way.. Most SWCG pool like to run with a pH around 7.8..

Using those numbers your CSI would be -.61 and corrosive.. Letting your pH go to 7.8 your CSI would be -.03 or almost perfect..


Jim R.


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May 3, 2014
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TFP uses science and the PB, who knows.
Good luck at keeping pH of 7.2 and a TA above 80.. You will be chasing your tail with baking soda and acid on a daily basis. The PB has no clue.

The FC is known that if you keep it below 5% of CYA, you will get algae. Your choice on that one.

The CH would be fine by with a pH of 7.2 your CSI will be very negative and the water will be very aggresive to plaster. Your choice there.


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Mar 2, 2011
The values put the CSI between -0.47 and -1.01 at 84 degrees.

That's too aggressive for the plaster.

The low pH and high TA are impossible to maintain without constant additions of baking soda and acid or carbon dioxide.

The builder is clueless about chemistry.