Patching Gunite pool.


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Aug 15, 2016
Wichita Falls, TX
I have a Gunite pool with some plaster separation in several places. One spot cracked open completely when I stepped on it. I chipped away the loose plaster with my hand to reveal about 5" diameter circle where the concrete is exposed. There may be 5 or 6 other places like this on the floor of the pool. The walls are solid. No problems there.

1. How much is too much to patch?
2. What is the best patch to use?
3. any other tips for repair that do not include re-plastering the pool?


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Hubby did a google search and found several. He has no idea if they work or how easy they are to work with.

Boxer adhesive has a underwater epoxy that looks promising. Boxer has a very good name in adhesives.

Let us know what you figure out!