Nodejs-poolController doesn't communicate with Pentair Pool Equipment


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Jun 5, 2021
Tucson Arizona

Can someone please help me with the nodejs-poolController? I have not been able to successfully connect with a raspberry pi 3 or 4.

Here are the pieces have connected

Solar Touch
IntelliFLO variable speed pump
IntelliChlor IC40
Raspberry Pi 4
Industrial USB to RS485 converter

I followed the instructions and when I run npm start it will hang on this screen.


I checked the RS485 messages on USB0 and see the repeating ff00 00a5. Does this mean that it is trying to communicate with the Pentair Equipment?


When I ran npm i in the poolController directory I see a few errors and it doesn't show the post build messages that where shown in the guide.


Here is a screenshot of the dashboard.

Please advise.


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Jun 5, 2021
Tucson Arizona
No luck on the deleting and cloning or sudo npm install.

I tried using nodejs-poolcontroller 6.5.1 and started to see my chlorinator and pump but it wouldn't complete the setup and the dashpanel didn't work with it.

The SolarTouch panel that I am connected to does communicate with the pump just fine.

Do I need to have a intelliCenter for this to work?

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