Niceties of water testing


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I posted this as a reply to another thread but thought it would be a good addition overall. So here goes.

1. Take your water sample from 18" below the surface. This is also conveniently the rough length of your forearm up to the elbow. Keep the lid on your sample bottle until you're underwater, then remove it and take your sample. Close the lid while it's at depth, then pull it up. Now you have a well-mixed sample for testing with no surface impurities or weirdness.

2. Be sure to shake your sample before testing.

3. Be sure to clean your tubes between testings with tap or distilled water. Every now and then you may want to wash them with a mild detergent, then rinse thoroughly.

All techniques I learned when I was a water microbiologist. These techniques will insure you have clean labware and a proper sample for testing, and will reduce your error rates.

Hope this helps!
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